Building Community-Based Bioeconomies

A new and greatly expanded agricultural bioeconomy is rapidly emerging, featuring a wide array of new foods, feeds, bioproducts, biomaterials and biofuels. This transdisciplinary research is working to achieve high levels of economic, environmental and social benefits from the emerging bioeconomy. The project will: advance game-changing bioeconomic and robotics-based technologies; create a replicable process for engaging multiple stakeholders in co-creation of the new bioeconomy through coordinated innovation, design and implementation; and provide state-of-the-art decision support to these groups, linking computer simulation and visualization to help Minnesota communities gain economic, environmental, and social benefits from the new bioeconomy.

Principal Investigator: Nicholas Jordan, Agronomy & Plant Genetics

Co-Investigators: Volkan Isler,Computer Science and Engineering; Len Kne, Geography, Environment and Society; David Mulla, Soil, Water and Climate; David Pitt, Landscape Architecture; Carissa Schively Slotterback, Urban and Regional Planning; Tim Smith, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering