Design and Manufacture of Wearable, Printed and Flexible Electronics for Treating Neurological Disorders

The goal of this project is to develop the underlying technologies to design and manufacture a wearable, printed and flexible stimulator sheet device. It will include the development of novel roll-to-roll printing processes and electronic inks, low power circuits, smart clothing with built-in interconnects, and new noninvasive stimulation methods. The project is expected to have an immediate impact on the biomedical research community allowing for new forms of non-invasive neuromodulation, while in the longer term, the development of new manufacturing procedures for flexible electronics will open up new application opportunities in fields other than biomedicine, such as robotics and aviation.

Principal Investigator: Chris Kim, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Co-Investigators: Lorraine Francis; Daniel Frisbie, Chemical Engineering and Material Science; Lucy Dunne, Design, Housing and Apparel; Samuel Levine, Otolaryngology; Hubert Lim, Biomedical Engineering