Interventional Bioremediation of Microbiota in Metabolic Syndrome

The gastrointestinal tract contains a dense population of highly specialized microbial communities (gut microbiota) that regulate many aspects of host physiology, including energy metabolism. Accumulating evidence indicates that compositional changes in gut microbiota caused by altered diet and exposure to antibiotics contribute to the ongoing epidemic of obesity and diabetes. The project will perform a pilot, randomized, double-blinded clinical trial using gut microbiota transplantation in the treatment of patients with pre-diabetes in an attempt to improve insulin sensitivity. The team will conduct mechanistic studies in the context of this trial to understand brain-gut communication and contribution of gut microbiota to host metabolism.

Principal Investigator:  Alexander Khoruts, Medical School

Co-Investigators: David Bernlohr; Lisa Chow; Kelvin Lim; Elizabeth Seaquist, Medical School; Douglas Mashek, Food Science and Nutrition; Michael Sadowsky, Biotechnology Institute