Mitigating Risk and Sensing Chemicals in Food and the Environment

Over 100,000 chemicals are used commercially or formed naturally in the environment. This project will develop generalized methods to detect and mitigate risk against their presence in food and water, leveraging knowledge about how the chemicals are biodegraded by naturally-occurring bacteria that will be used in engineered formats. To cull practically useful products from the basic research component of the project, university science and business students will together assess opportunities for entrepreneurship, working with the University’s Office for Technology Commercialization and guided by an Advisory Board of Minnesota business leaders.

Principal Investigator: Larry Wackett, Biotechnology Institute

Co-Investigators: Aleptekin Aksan, Mechanical Engineering; Michael Elias, Biotechnology Institute; Toby Nord, Carlson School of Management; Carl Rosen, Soil, Water and Climate; Carrie Wilmot, Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology