Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for Minnesota Advancement

Project research and outcomes will focus on two infectious disease case-studies (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome and viral hemorrhagic septicemia for fish) that will serve as prototypes. Ultimately, the project will be scaled-up to include other diseases and species to protect and promote the health and economy of the people and the environment of Minnesota.

Principal Investigator: Andres Perez, Veterinary and Population Medicine

Co-Investigators: James Collins; Meggan Craft; Nicholas Phelps; Veterinary and Population Medicine; Evan Enns, Health Policy and Management; Amy Kircher, National Center of Food Protection and Defense; Anne-Francoise Lamblin, Minnesota Super-computing Institute; Thomas Molitor, Comparative and Molecular Biosciences; Claudia Neuhauser, UM Informatics Institute; Faye Sleeper, Water Resources Center; Jian Ping Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Michael Murtaugh, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences