Congratulations to our 2021-2022 MnDRIVE Neuromodulation Discoveries through Industry Partnerships Fellow!

Anne Huntemer-Silveira

Join us in congratulating the recipient of the 2021-2022 MnDRIVE Neuromodulation Discoveries through Industry Partnership Fellow!

Discoveries through Industry Partnerships Graduate Fellow

Functional Characterization of iPSC-Derived Cell Types for In Vitro Modeling of Spinal Cord Injury and Chronic Pain

Anne Huntemer-Silveira, Department of Neuroscience.  Mentor is Ann Parr, M.D., Ph.D., Neurosurgery.

In Minnesota, there are over 900 cases of spinal cord injury every year and more than half of these cases result in paralysis of two or more limbs. Upwards of 30,000 Minnesotans seek treatment for chronic pain each year, with many turning to harmful, addictive drugs to help with pain management. Anne's research project lays the foundation for the development of a unique stem cell model that can be used to study sensory circuitry in the spinal cord. She will use an application of molecular and optogenetic approaches as well as inclusion of human DRGS. The development of this model has the potential to impact treatment options and will help improve the quality of life for many.