Congratulations to our third MnDRIVE Neuromodulation Medicine Fellow!

Nicholas Arnoudse

Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Mentor: Ziad Nahas, M.D.

Dr. Arnoudse is our third MnDRIVE Neuromodulation Medicine Fellow. He is interested in utilizing neuromodulation techniques such as esketamine, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and electroconvulsive therapy in his clinical practice. Dr. Arnoudse is interested in advancing the field of neuromodulation through research and the profound impacts involved with using these interventions with his patients. He is pursuing this fellowship to gain an in-depth knowledge base of the current basic science and evidence-based clinical applications of neuromodulation, to fine-tune his skill set of its delivery and to explore new therapeutic applications to provide the best care to all his patients.