Dr. Clark Chen's Research Featured on KARE 11

Clark Chen, M.D.
Dr. Clark Chen, head of Neurosurgery, and member of MnDRIVE Brain Conditions steering committee

High-profile Glioblastoma deaths may be no coincidence

The head of neurosurgery at University of Minnesota Medical School says research indicates a link between high brain function and tumor growth.

The recent passing of Senator John McCain prompted news coverage of glioblastoma, and the link to high cognitive function. 

"I don't believe that the affliction of this disease, to these leaders, is an accident," said Dr. Clark Chen, the head of the Neurosurgery Department at the University of Minnesota Medical School. "In fact, the work that we've done in our laboratory have revealed a very interesting link, which is that the same neurotransmitters that allows you to understand what I'm saying right now, the same neurotransmitters that allows you to think, are the same factors that allow tumors to grow."