Herman Darrow Human Neuroscience Lab working across disciplines to find innovative answers to big questions about improving mental health

Herman & Darrow

MnDRIVE Neuromodulation researchers David Darrow, MD, MPH and Alexander Herman, MD, PhD have teamed up and are conducting incredible neuromodulation research by combining psychiatry and neurosurgery to improve mental health. Their plan is to use circuit based neuroscience for treatments. Together using implant technologies and other trans-diagnostic tools like TMS, EEG, and cognitive remediation in an effort to improve the quality of life to affected patient populations.

The HD Lab team has three primary priorities:

  • To identify the circuitry – or prefrontal “biomarkers” – of motivation and cognition
  • To advance the ability to optimize neuromodulation
  • To use transdiagnostic processes to develop more effective treatments

Check out the links below to learn more about the Darrow and Herman Neuromodulation Lab. 

Listen to their podcast called, "Craniotomy - Peering Into the minds of those on the edge of cognition and neuromodulation".