Welcome our newest neuromodulation researcher, Dr. Christine Conelea, to our MnDRIVE Brain Conditions team.

Dr. Conelea is a clinical psychologist and Co-Director of the Converging Approaches to Neurodevelopment (CAN) Lab, which aims to improve understanding and care of neurodevelopmental disorders, including Tourette Syndrome/tic disorders, OCD, autism, and ADHD. She is particularly interested in combining neuromodulation with cognitive and behavioral therapies to improve therapeutic outcomes for youth with Tourette Syndrome and OCD. As Director of the Neuromodulation Program at the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain, she supports UMN investigators interested in pediatric neuromodulation. Her hope is to facilitate and advance clinical neuromodulation research that will ultimately improve the well-being of youth with neurological disorders and mental illness.