Characterizing the pathophysiology across the pallido-cortical network and therapeutic pathway activation in dystonia using directional stimulation

Dr. Alberico's project aims to examine the intra-operative of neural activity in the motor and sensorimotor circuits as well as determining DBS pathway activation that will be used to determine optimal DBS parameters for treating patients with dystonia. 

Developing neuromodulation targets for reward pursuit and threat avoidance with human intracranial electrophysiology

Blair Vail's research project investigates the neural mechanisms underlying mental health disorders by identifying the role of specific brain areas in these processes, which can then be targeted by brain stimulation, several forms of which are non-invasive and low risk.

Examining the prefrontal basis of explore-exploit transitions in humans as a putative neuromodulation target for cognitive flexibility

Dr. Yan's project will examine whether neural signatures in the prefrontal cortex of explore-exploit transitions represent potential neuromodulation targets for improving cognitive flexibility with intracranial recordings and stimulation in humans.