Exploring longitudinal changes in cognitive control, and its LFP correlates, in patients receiving deep brain stimulation for OCD

In Minnesota alone, hospitalization costs for those experiencing serious mental illness exceed $260 million, not to mention the other economic and societal costs mental illness brings. Dr. Olsen's project investigates how cognitive and neural processes are enhanced over time with deep brain stimulation and how it will lead to improved outcomes for individuals suffering from severe mental illness. Her goal is to identify how this treatment changes the brain, allowing for more precise targeted areas and program DBS treatment for individual patients. This research would bring a more reliable and effective treatment for mental illness by relieving the burden on patients and society.

Postdoctoral Fellow: Sarah Olsen, Ph.D., Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Mentor: Alik Widge, M.D., Ph.D., Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences