A Novel GABAergic Projection from the Hippocampus to the Supramammillary Area

Diseases such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease involve dysfunction in the hippocampus, where an early symptom of Alzheimer’s disease is confusion and trouble navigating familiar environments. Roughly 54,000 Minnesotans have epilepsy, and about 94,000 Minnesotans have Alzheimer’s disease. Both conditions are closely linked to dysfunction in the hippocampus, a brain region responsible for episodic memory and other cognitive processes, including spatial navigation. 

Lauren Glassburn's project will characterize a novel connection from the hippocampus to the supramammillary area of the hypothalamus that could signal recognition of the environment. Using techniques in neuromodulation, this proposal would give insight into how the brain identifies a familiar versus an unknown spatial context and how this identification influences forming memories.

Graduate Fellow: Lauren Glassburn, Neuroscience

Mentor: Esther Krook-Magnuson, Ph.D., Neuroscience