Ventral pallidal GABAergic projections to lateral hypothalamus in cue-elicited reward seeking and eating behavior.

The obesity rate in Minnesota has nearly doubled in the last 20 years, up to 30.1% in 2018. In the state of Minnesota, medical costs due to obesity averaged 3.2 billion dollars in 2017. Alexandra Scott's research will use neuromodulation to examine if ventral pallidal (VP) neural projections stimulate or inhibit food intake. Relatively non-invasive neuromodulation techniques will elucidate the functional impact of these cells on eating behavior and will contribute to the knowledge needed for development of novel therapeutic approaches for obesity. This research will provide novel information about potential therapeutic effects of VP cell circuitry for obesity and subsequently positively impact quality of life of Minnesotans.

Graduate Fellow: Alexandra Scott, Neuroscience

Mentor: Jocelyn Richard, Ph.D., Neuroscience