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Listening Session: Bioremediation Applications for Urban Soil and Water

Event Date: 
Friday, September 7, 2018 - 8:30am to 11:15am

Location: Learning and Environmental Science Building Room R380, University of Minnesota, St. Paul campus. (Buford Ave, St Paul, MN 55108)

 Charge: There is no cost

Participation is reserved for pre-registered Minnesota companies, and space is limited. Register here

Are you working with a technology or process for the treatment of urban waters, soil, or sediment? Would you like to collaborate with University of Minnesota faculty and researchers in this area? This event, part of the MnDRIVE Water Technology Listening Session series, will focus on bringing together Minnesota’s private sector water technology firms with University of Minnesota researchers to enhance collaboration and solve environmental problems.

The BioTechnology Institute of the University of Minnesota and the MnDRIVE initiative Advancing Industry, Conserving our Environment, in partnership with the Minnesota Trade Office, would like to invite industry leaders to a listening session on bioremediation technologies for the Treatment of Urban Soil and Water. 

 We encourage participation from companies that develop and employ new technologies that combine microbial, biological, chemical, and physical processes for the treatment and management of urban water resources in the state of Minnesota. Presentations on applications for urban runoff, storm water, gray water, watershed management, and low impact development and/or green spaces are encouraged.

We look forward to working with representatives of water and environmental consulting industries as we take another step towards focused and formal interactions—including workshops, seminars, and site visits—to enable the exchange of information and the advancement of environmental research and technology development.

 Minnesota is not alone in working hard to find water treatment solutions to diverse challenges. When the university and private industry work on solutions together, we promote our own global competitiveness and position Minnesota to play a role on the larger stage.   

 Making MnDRIVE work for Minnesota Businesses

Launched in 2014 with funding from the Minnesota State Legislature, MnDRIVE (Minnesota Discovery, Research and InnoVation Economy) supports interdisciplinary research in areas impacting Minnesota’s economy, environment, and quality of life. Supported by MnDRIVE, the University of Minnesota has embarked on a multi-year program supporting the use of microbial systems for the remediation of water and soils. Our vision is to provide research-based solutions that facilitate the use of microorganisms and hybrid systems (microbiological/physical/chemical) in the sustainable use of critical Minnesota resources and the creation of “green” jobs.

Our goals include:

 1. Development of new microbiologically-based technologies for contaminant mitigation and management of stormwaters, graywaters, and urban runoff.

2. Incorporation of microbiologically-based nutrient and contaminant removal technologies in urban green spaces and green infrastructure.

3. Establishment of new partnerships between University of Minnesota researchers and Minnesota’s water technology industry. 

Members of industry are invited to give short presentations (15 minutes) to facilitate discussion and establish a framework for cooperative research.

To request a presentation slot on the event agenda, send your personal details and a brief summary of your proposed topic to Dr. Daniel Jones at dsjones@umn.edu


For more information contact:

Dan Jones, dsjones@umn.edu (651-245-2775)

Mike Sadowsky, sadowsky@umn.edu (612-624-2706)

Paige Novak, novak010@umn.edu (612-626-9846)

Steve Riedel, steve.riedel@state.mn.us (651-259-7494)