"Environment" research area

Funding Opportunities

MnDRIVE Environment is excited to announce our FY20 Funding schedule. We anticipate our annual funding calls to follow this general timeline, with a single Demonstration Grant RFP each Fall, and Seed Grant RFPs in both the Fall and Spring. Any other specific RFPs would be announced separately. Please scroll down to see current funding opportunities. These are funding opportunities for 2019-2020, please check back for the Fall of 2020-Spring of 2021 RFP dates. 

Seed Grants (Fall)
Award Announcement - December 6, 2019

Demonstration Grants (Fall)
RFP Announcement - 2020 TBD

Seed Grants (Spring)
RFP Announcement - March 30, 2020
Proposal Submission Deadline - April 27, 2020
Proposal Review Deadline - May 29, 2020
Award Announcement - June 5, 2020

Any funding questions can be directed to Jeff Standish <standish@umn.edu>.

Funding Opportunities