"Environment" research area

2015-16 Demonstration Grants

November 6, 2015
The deadline for this funding opportunity has passed.

Demonstration Grants

The MnDRIVE: Advancing Industry, Conserving Our Environment focus area now requests proposals for NEW field-scale demonstration projects in the area of microbial systems for bioremediation. 

Online application

Background and Goals
The goals of this University of Minnesota initiative are to improve the environment and enhance industrial applications through the use, augmentation, or alteration of microorganisms or communities. Proposed research areas can span from basic to applied sciences, with an emphasis on translational research involving the use of microorganisms to clean the environment. Applicants will be selected based on proposal quality and alignment with the initiative’s goals. Example research projects supported by this initiative are the use of microorganisms for:

 1. Reduction of the environmental impact of anthropogenic activities (such as agriculture and industry).

2. Remediation/cleanup of a broad variety of environments, including soil, water, and air.

3. Development of new technologies or tools that enhance bioremediation. 

 Application CriteriaProjects should be NEW and funds should not be used to support existing studies, unless the funds will be used to demonstrate the application of existing technologies at the field-scale.

Applications must emphasize relevance to Minnesota’s industry or environment.

A complete and detailed budget is required: including salary, supplies, equipment, etc.

Grants are expected to range between $100,000-$200,000 depending on the scope and duration of the project. Requests for larger grants may be considered based on the availability of funds and the scope of the project.

Initial awards will be for one year, and can be renewed for a second year contingent upon excellent progress. 

Partnership with a clearly identified Minnesota industry or state agency is a core requirement for this grant. Please indicate which company/agency will be partnering with you, how you plan to collaborate with them, how they are important in translating the research to the demonstration scale, and why that partnership is an integral part of this research.

Researchers are encouraged to submit one proposal per lab, and researchers can be PI on only one proposal. You may, however, appear as Co-PI on a second proposal. You may apply for a demonstration grant even if you previously applied for or received support through the MnDRIVE Seed Grant program.

To Apply

 Submit a 2-page single-spaced proposal, including references, using our online application by November 6, 2015, 5 p.m. CST. The proposal should be written in 12 pt. font with 1-inch margins and should clearly indicate how the proposed research aligns with this MnDRIVE initiative’s goals (http://mndrive.umn.edu/environment). Applicants should also submit a 2-page CV. University of Minnesota faculty on both the UM-TC and UMD campuses are invited to apply. Proposals will be evaluated by a committee consisting of faculty, and agency and industry scientists.