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Research Funding Programs


Undergraduate Scholar Program:

MnDRIVE Advancing Industry, Conserving our Environment is excited to announce a new Undergraduate Scholars Program. This new offering replaces our previous undergraduate research funding opportunity offered as part of the Seed Grant Program. 

The purpose of this new Undergraduate Scholars Program is to promote and support undergraduate research in the MnDRIVE Environment program. This new program also adds considerable flexibility for Faculty to find and hire qualified students. By offering proposal submission each month (except December), this "rolling" application process should provide faculty the flexibility to secure and support talented undergraduate researchers. 

Important Details/Dates:

  • Proposals will be accepted anytime during the year,
  • Proposals submitted by the 15th of each month will be reviewed and funding decisions made before the end of that month.
  • Award start dates will be set for the first day of the following month.

Award Information:

The purpose of the New Undergraduate Scholars Program is to support new and innovative research in the areas of chemical or bioremediation solutions of environmental contaminants affecting greater Minnesota. As before, funds may not be used to support existing or ongoing research projects. Eligible PIs (see requirements in full RFP) may submit proposals for new projects in support of an undergraduate research scholar for one year. Principal Investigators may only have one active Undergraduate Scholar Award at a time. Each MnDRIVE Undergraduate Research Scholar will be awarded $5,000 to be used in support of their salary and up to $500 for project related supplies/expenses/services. Students do not need be identified at the time of submission. Each proposed project must also include an outreach component**, that ideally would be led by the Research Scholar.

**Examples of appropriate outreach projects are: instructional programs in a K-12 setting, video presentations of research posted on the BTI video channel, small group mentoring in a K-12 setting, museum exhibits for public consumption or collaboration with an artist. Use your imagination in these times of COVID.

To see the full RFP details and to submit applications via the Undergraduate Scholar Program portal visit



Seed Grant Program:

The MnDRIVE Advancing Industry, Conserving our Environment initiative is requesting proposals for new and innovative Seed Grant projects in the area of environmental remediation using biological and/or chemical means.

Next Seed Grant RFP - September 21, 2021 - SUBMISSION PORTAL
Seed Grant Application Deadline - October 25, 2021
Seed Grant Award Announcement - Mid-December

Funding Categories:

Postdoctoral Research Scholar - $71,000
Graduate Research Scholar - $55,000


Demonstration Grant Program:

The MnDRIVE Advancing Industry, Conserving our Environment initiative is requesting new Demonstration Grant proposals that take proven remediation solutions and scale them up for implementation in our sustainable economy.

Next Demonstration Grant RFP - September 21, 2021 SUBMISSION PORTAL
Demonstration Grant Application Deadline - October 25, 2021
Demonstration Grant Award Announcement - Mid-December

Awards up to $500,000 



MnDrive Environment Centers Initiative Planning Grants:

Part of the goal of the MnDRIVE Environment initiative is to stimulate new research in the area of bioremediation, with state, national, and societal benefits. Because this goal aligns well with large federal research programs, we are now offering a new targeted MnDRIVE funding opportunity for support of new national center planning efforts.

MnDRIVE Environment will now accept planning grant applications to assist groups of faculty in the preparation of large, multi-institutional, center-scale research initiatives.

Proposals should be no more than 4 pages in length and involve no more than 5 PIs/co-PIs. They should include PIs from multiple colleges and can involve PIs from multiple universities. Proposals should clearly identify the federal center-scale research target (for example, the National Science Foundation's Science Technology Center or Engineering Research Center programs).

Activities to be performed during the planning grant period such as workshops, symposia, and round-table discussions with other center directors must be described in sufficient detail and should be clearly linked to the federal target RFP.

Proposals will be evaluated, in part, on how well the planning activities are likely to ready the research team for the targeted RFP.

Proposals can be submitted at any time to Jeff Standish and Mike Sadowsky (standish@umn.edu, sadowsky@umn.edu) and will be evaluated when received.

Funding for planning activities is capped at $35,000 per proposal and is for one year in duration.

Funding is intended to support meeting expenses, administrative support to help with the actual proposal development/writing, and interstate travel of co-PIs for meetings. Funding is not intended to support salaries of postdocs or students.

Multiple proposals by different groups of PIs can be funded simultaneously.

Deadline: December 1, 2021


Funding Opportunities

There are currently no upcoming funding opportunities.