Global Food

Eight Graduate Fellowships Funded for 2018-19

Eight graduate students have been awarded MnDrive Global Food Ventures fellowships for 2018-19. During the course of their awards, they will participate in activities designed to help build their skills in communications and problem solving along with pursuing individual research projects. The students are working toward their master’s and Ph.D degrees from the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences; the College of Veterinary Medicine; and the School of Public Health.

This year’s Fellows and their research projects are:

Hannah Gray, “Assessing arthropod predators as biological control agents in an agroecosystem: local management/global pattern.”  Adviser: George Heimpel (CFANS)

Shivdeep Hayer, “Understanding changes in antimicrobial resistance in swine bacterial pathogens.” Adviser: Andres Perez (CVM)

Yuan-Tai Hung, “Characterizing physiological responses of nursery pigs to diets containing zinc oxide and antibiotic.” Advisers: Milena Saqui-Salces and Pedro Urriola (CFANS)

Eric Nazareno, “Identification of new sources of disease resistance loci in oat against crown rust.” Advisers: Shahryar Kianian and Melania Figueroa (CFANS)

Margaret Shanahan, “Optimizing the benefits of propolis to Honey Bee health in beekeeping operations.” Adviser: Marla Spivak (CFANS)

Frances Shepherd, “Improving rotavirus vaccination to prevent piglet mortality.” Advisers: Michael Murtaugh and Doug Marthaler (CVM)

Jared Spackman, “Soil versus fertilizer: unlocking the mystery of where corn gets its nitrogen.” Adviser: Fabian Fernandez (CFANS)

Ali Strickland, “Enhancement of the USDA agricultural marketing service boneless and ground beef procurement program.” Adviser: Craig Hedberg (SPH)