Global Food

Program Staff


Linda Valeri

Global Food Ventures administrator
(612) 624-1749


Aaron Lorenz

Faculty member
(612) 625-6754

Aaron Lorenz is a new faculty member in the Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics in CFANS who was hired via MnDRIVE.  His research is focused on improving the efficacy and speed of breeding for complex traits in crops. A major part of this effort is focused on optimizing a form of DNA marker-based selection known as genomic selection. Specifically he is interested in training population design and optimal resource allocation, across a variety of crop species. He also studies the genetic architecture underlying variation of complex traits in corn, including tolerance to Goss's Wilt, drought, and nitrogen deficiency.

Jason Beddow

Faculty member

Jason Beddow is a new faculty member in the CFANS Department of Applied Economics who was hired via MnDRIVE. His research interests are focused on the spatial aspects of agriculture, and how we might better use spatial data to understand agricultural systems. He has a particular focus on the ways in which research investment patterns and natural environments (including pests, diseases, climate and weather) affect agricultural production and productivity, the spatial dynamics of production, and bridging the divide between biology and economics (bio-economics).

Matteo Convertino

Faculty member
(612) 624-0132

Matteo Convertino is a new faculty member in Environmental Health Sciences at the School of Public Health who was hired via MnDRIVE. His expertise involves computational ‘‘one health,’’ or the development of mathematical models and derived cyber-infrastructure for real-time use in order to solve population health issues. In particular, he’s interested in water-dependent diseases (e.g. cholera and leptospirosis) in large-scale ecosystems, zoonosis, foodborne diseases and food system design, occupational health infrastructure design, and pharmacodynamics.

Sinisa Vidovic

Faculty member

Sinisa Vidovic is a new faculty member in Avian Health in the College of Veterinary Medicine who was hired via MnDRIVE. Vidovic’s expertise includes genetics/genomics and proteomics as well as bioinformatics and veterinary diagnostics. He’s worked with identifying bacterial, protozoal and viral pathogens from animal and environmental samples using biochemical and molecular techniques.


Brian Buhr

CFANS Dean and co-leader, Global Food Ventures
(612) 626-7173

John Finnegan

School of Public Health dean and Global Food Ventures co-leader
(612) 625-1179

Trevor Ames

College of Veterinary Medicine dean and Global Food Ventures co-leader
(612) 624-6244