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Robotics, sensors and advanced manufacturing

Robotics, autonomous systems, and modern manufacturing systems are fundamentally structured on the integration of sensing, feedback and controls, and actuation. The MnDRIVE initiative on robotics, sensors, and advanced manufacturing envisions the University of Minnesota playing a vital role in bolstering Minnesota’s positions of leadership in sensors, robotics and automation, and as a contributor to the renaissance of domestic manufacturing, particularly additive manufacturing.


U of M develops wearable technology to help autism

Researchers at the University of Minnesota's Wearable Technology Lab have developed wearable technology to help autism. One of the researchers, Brad Holschuh, was hired with MnDRIVE funds.

Research helps children with sensory processing disorder

University of Minnesota researchers have created a "hugging" vest for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD.

Shape-changing materials used to create compression garments

University of Minnesoa researchers are creating a compression garment that uses shape-changing materials integrated into the garment to provide controllable, on-demand compression.

Research projects study automated orchard management

Computer Science and Engineering associate professor Ibrahim Volkan Isler is leading the robotics and sensing portion of a project that could eliminate some of the barriers to automated orchard management.

University researchers develop new drone remote

University of Minnesota researchers are collaborating with Sentera, a sensor, software, and drone company based in Minneapolis, to develop a high-precision autopilot toolkit for UAS use.