Past Events

Mobile App for Outpatient Rehabilitation Management – Closed Loop Healthcare Outcomes Platform

Event Date: 
December 16, 2015

Closed-Loop Healthcare Outcomes Platform (CLHOP) is a mobile app that helps patients manage their rehabilitation; measure their progress, track metrics and provide feedback to their therapist. The system is cloud-based, HIPAA compliant and created for therapists to create an exceptional experience for their patients. In a value-based care model, CLHOP is designed to achieve better patient outcomes, continuously improve care and increase revenue.

Wednesday December 16th, 2015 12:00 – 1:00 pm Room: 3M-118/119 Veterans Affairs

RSAM MnDrive

Advanced Manufacturing R&D for Clean Energy in the US Department of Energy

Event Date: 
October 23, 2015

This talk will review the Advanced Manufacturing Offices work towards making the U.S. manufacturing sector more energy productive - and the U.S. clean energy manufacturing sector more competitive - through targeted R&D and partnerships with industry, academia, technology incubators and other stakeholders.