AEM Student awarded MnDRIVE fellowship

Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, June 15, 2021

Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM) grad student, Ali Tevfik Buyukkocak, has received a 2021 MnDRIVE PhD Graduate Assistantship for his work on autonomous robots with AEM Professor Derya Aksaray.

“I consider engineering as a puzzle, and by receiving my BS and MS degrees [in aerospace engineering from Middle East Technical University in Turkey], I covered only a small portion of the whole, Buyukkocak said. "The ultimate goal in my career is to solve that puzzle as completely as possible. ... Learning is a neverending process, and I want to keep improving myself as much as I can in my field. ... [This] award will not only reinforce my motivation to continue my research on multi-agent systems but will also support the hands-on part of my research.”

Despite some loss of lab access due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Buyukkocak has focused his research on motion planning and control algorithms with performance guarantees for multi-agent systems.